Our Mission

Empower at the Bridge Foundation is the non-profit branch of The Bridge. Our mission is to provide specialized opportunities and improved quality of life for underprivileged and underserved individuals and families suffering from systematic oppression.


This is achieved by creating awareness, providing community support, financial wellness education, and sustainable housing options.




Providing the resources and education to not only help entrepreneurs and start-ups, but empowering them through the process of our incubation programs. This is outlined by aiding in the formation of LLC's, business plans, funding strategies, and sustainable business practices. 



Learn how to grow your own produce right at home. Don't stop there, we'll teach you proper nutrition and how to cook the food you grow!  Food localization and food security are huge issues in the inner city, we strive to bridge that gap.  



Lack of homeownership in inner cities has a huge role in how individuals are able to create generational wealth for their families and communities. Empower at The Bridge strives to partner with community change agents to teach others the steps to not only purchase homes, but how to also monetize their real estate investments. 



"Collaboration over competition!" This mantra breathes through our work at Empower at The Bridge. Working with local nonprofit and for profit organizations to meet and assess individual and community needs is paramount to building a system of empowerment through education surrounding financial wellness and job training.



Everyone should be afforded the right to have access to safe and inclusive play spaces. Through access to technology and play space, Empower at The Bridge will work with Universities and organizations to give communities equitable, educational and safe entertainment outlets to combat mental health and incarceration disparities.



“Empower at the Bridge Foundation exists to span the tide and empower individuals and communities to break down any and all pre-existing systemic barriers. Together."

    - DeZwaan Dubois, President